“Gee, that looks scrummy”


Mealtime on British Overseas Airways Corporation. By their alarmed body language and expressions, one would assume the passengers just found out that today’s menu consists of horse meat or hedgehog (though they would probably be better than most of the stuff that passes for airline food today). Actually, these are BOAC crews in training, and all are being attentive to the proper way for making passengers happy.

June 1980, Delta inaugurates non-stop service from Atlanta to MacDill AFB

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I was stationed at MacDill when this occurred and we all got a good laugh out of it. The next day, I talked to a security cop who had responded to the 727’s unexpected arrival as a security breach and a possible hijacking. When he went aboard the airliner, some of the passengers, seeing men with guns surrounding the aircraft, assumed they had been hijacked (to Cuba). On the local evening news, the reporter stated “the aircraft eventually departed MacDill and  flew non-stop to Tampa International.” That was a good dig – anyone watching knew Tampa Airport was only 8 miles from MacDill.

By the time this ad ran in 1941, the Boeing 314 had been in service for two years, and things were doing so well it was time for more Clippers

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Years ago, I knew a man who had twice been a passenger on the 314.  Of course it was the most luxurious flight imaginable, but he also said it was much noisier than he expected.  Bumpy too.  Makes sense though: it was unpressurized and had to fly low. 

For the Boeing Clipper fanatics

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This is a whole lot of photos, and no doubt appeal to only the most jaded of Pan Am Clipper fans (and a fine jaded bunch they are), but these interior shots of the Boeing 314 are, at least in my estimation, rather rare.  All are from a Boeing tech manual that was rescued from the trash many moons ago, but now in my possession.  The aircraft photos (1st and last) were not part of the book, but they are too nice to ignore.

United Airlines DC-8 with a problem

892On August 12th, 1962, UAL flight 861 had the misfortune to mistake Portland International for the more provincial airport at Troutdale, just up the Columbia River.  Getting in was one thing, getting out was another.  The DC-8 was stripped of everything but its paint to lighten the aircraft for what was no doubt an “eventful” departure. 

This photo is from a Christmas card sent to my dad from a fellow UAL captain – the pilot of the DC-8.  If he could make a card out of it, he must of had a sense of humor.  Interestingly, the pilot mentions they toyed with the idea of using a JATO type device to get the plane out of Troutdale.