About this site…

First of all, I am a lover of all things vintage aviation. Does not really matter what era, but I do profess a fascination with the 1930’s. A young man becoming a pilot in the 1930’s was flying aircraft and wearing attire not far removed from what his father had used twenty years earlier.

But that young man of the 30’s, if he stays in the game for fifteen or twenty years, will fly twice the speed of sound and be attired in flying clothing not too far removed from what is worn today. Such was the exponential growth of aviation technology during this period.

I have collected aviation memorabilia pretty much all my life (not quite 60 years). The photos you see here are, with few exceptions, from that collection. I am proud to say that these are not images lifted from the web, but real photos and slides. Sure, some are not unique to me and can be found on the internet as well, but I try to post those photos which are unique, or at least not readily seen.

Where does this love of aviation originate? My father was a navy pilot in World War II where he flew Stearmans, OS2U Kingfishers, and PBYs. In 1945, he was hired by United Airlines flying the great propliners: The DC-3/4/6/7, and the Convair CV-340. Then came the jets: 727, DC-10, 747. Now he lives in Arizona, his love for aviation undiminished by the years. Me? I joined the Air Force and worked on F-4 Phantoms, and eventually flew C-130’s. 

I hope that my efforts here are rewarding to you, the reader.