Boeing Model 40

c179E oakland

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Canadair Sabre in a foreign land… (15) (16)RCAF Sabre, 23096 has just arrived at Boeing Field for its new life as a chase plane in the flight test division.

Internet sources giving varying dates when Boeing took delivery – 1962 or December 1967. I say ’62: The Canadian Red Ensign on the tail was replaced by the Maple Leaf in 1965. Okay, maybe they were slow in adding the new flag, but there is more… In the background of photo 2 there is no I-5 freeway. By Dec. 1967, this highway had been completed for almost a year. In 1962, the construction had yet to begin near Boeing Field.

A veritable variety of Voodoos (3)RF-101C 56-0167, 363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, was part of the record-breaking “Sun Run” flight, November 27, 1957. The aircraft has just pulled in to the chocks. (2)CF-101B 101014 of No. 425 Squadron. Ex-USAF 57-0298 of the 445th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, it was transferred to Canada in (1)F-101B, 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. 58-0273 is now on display in South of Air Research and Development Command. Obviously it was used for, among other things, ejection seat tests. It is now a display aircraft at the Yankee Air Force Museum.