Friends in a friendly land


Found this last week on ebay listed as a 1930’s RAF photo. After receiving said picture, a closer examination showed it to be yes, RAF, but it was taken in America during World War II (Note the “USA” titles worn by some of the men). Most who know a thing or two about WWII aviation also know that the airmen of many Allied nations trained in the United States during that time. With wide-open spaces, fair weather, and, most importantly, a noticeable lack of Luftwaffe fighters to distract you, the US was the logical place to learn the fundamentals of flight.

 Men of Britain and other nations were welcomed, and by the time the program ended thousands of airmen had been trained in what was obviously a very successful idea. To those who may disagree I offer this: Name one man in the RAF who was shot down in American skies by Luftwaffe fighters.

I rest my case.

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