The 325th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (1)

Maintenance men and pilots say “cheese” on the ramp of Truax AFB, Wisconsin in the late 1950’s. Of the F-102’s in the background, 56-1413 is now displayed at the Castle Air Museum in California. Beyond sits 1421 and she is no more. (3) (2) (7) (8) (4)

These photos are from the estate of the 325th commander, Lt Col John Beck. Seen here briefing his men, Beck had served as boss of the 87th Fighter Squadron in WWII and was a highly decorated pilot with both the US and British DFC’s. (9)

Beck in the cockpit of an F-102. Aircraft had changed a bit in the 15 years since he had flown the P-47. (5)

56-1390 on roll-out at Truax AFB, 1958. (6)

56-1412 speeding past what is now the ramp for the Wisconsin Air National Guard. (10)

Beck and his fellow pilots enjoy a squadron “dining in” at the Truax “O” club. Note the F-102 model mounted above the red bull mascot of the 325th.

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