One thought on “XBTC

  1. This is a fascinating study of the Smirkless XBMTC-3y9RV, multi-gender, beefy mixmaster developed for the Navy. It was an early example of an aircraft that could not decide if it wanted to be a torpedo bomber, jet fighter or ramp tug.

    It was finally decided to surgically remove the jet engine, turning the XBMTC into a Hum-Drum Attack Something or Other (HDA-SMO). Later the program committed suicide that was blamed on depression stemming from an identity crisis.

    The last remaining example of the XBMTC was turned into a blender for the Patuxent River’s base cafeteria.

    However, the XBMTC concept spawned Smugless’s highly successful, AX2 “Skylaborer” (nicknamed “Camel”) monster attack bomber, notable for being the only aircraft to carry the “Speedee” emergency toilet bowl ordnance during the Vietnam war.

    Stay tuned to this channel for more aviation history you never thought you wanted to know.


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