December 7, 1941

A pair of P-26s (seen left and right in the background) stand guard over the incinerated P-40s of the 18th Pursuit Group littering the flightline at Wheeler Field. 

One thought on “December 7, 1941

  1. …what must those hours after the attack been like? The casualties would have continued to flood the hospitals and aid stations… the burning fires would continue to burn until extinguished, the air thick with the smell of burning oil from the harbor. The probability of more attacks would be on everyone’s mind, the hurried efforts to restore and create defenses competing for the resources to tend the wounded and dead while clearing and assessing the damage…that first night would have tested the nerves of everyone. And that following morning, when everyone knew that America was at war, a badly bloodied nation was filled with a raging blood lust to take the fight to the enemy. What a day that must have been!


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