EC-121 at NAS Barbers Point, 1963

Photo taken just after the 1962 big switch which saw US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft adapting (pretty much as a rule ) to Air Force standard nomenclature. You flew the WV-2 one day, the EC-121 the next. Different name, same mission: flying the Pacific Barrier on long and tedious missions that ranged from Hawaii to Alaska (and back).

2 thoughts on “EC-121 at NAS Barbers Point, 1963

  1. Was the EC-121 at one time designated as RC-121? That’s what I seem to remember from my time in the early 1960s as a Coast Guard dependent at Kindley AFB, Bermuda.


    1. Back when Kindley was a USAF base, those could very well have been RC-121s. Later, almost all were redesignated as EC-121s. Thanks for the info and your reminiscences of Kindley (must have been a great place to grow up).


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