Boeing XPB-1 (3)

First flown in 1925, the XPB-1 with its all-metal hull seemed promising enough, but was plagued by difficulties with its liquid-cooled engines.

Despite the engine problems, the rugged XPB-1 was retained for testing purposes by the navy who eventually replaced the original motors with radials. Still, there was only one built.

4 thoughts on “Boeing XPB-1

      1. Hi, Will,

        Is it possible to ask you about hi-res version of this image for my private non-commercial collection? I already have hi-res version of this plane’s image but from the left side – it is scan from Mather AFB official photo which was made in the day of plane’s arrival. It would have been great to have a right side image too. I’m fan of long-tail B-52s. Interchange of images is possible if you want.


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