460th Bombardment Group


It’s always fun to browse thrift stores for bargains; never know what you might find. The patches seen here illustrate that point: They were glued to a cheap imitation leather flight jacket that was priced $4.99. Alas, there was no name on the jacket – it no doubt belonged to a veteran who wore it to reunions and such. He would have flown the B-24’s of the 460th from their bases in Italy (the patches are Italian made). But the patches live on, and those mementos of a veteran’s service have been saved for all time.

2 thoughts on “460th Bombardment Group

  1. Great patches.
    I have an A2 from a friend of mine who was in the 460th bomb group. Very similar patches.
    I would love to see another original A2 from the 460th.


    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos/patches. As I stated in the post, these patches were taken from a newer “bomber” type jacket. Although the original A-2 was long gone, at least the patches survived.


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