VP-101, Philippines, 1941



Under the tropical skies of the Olongapo Seadrome on Subic Bay, men of Patrol Squadron 101 stand before one of their PBY-4 aircraft. By the time this photo was taken in very late 1941, war clouds were gathering over the western pacific. In response, VP-101 has hastily camouflaged their aircraft; this is easily seen on the OS2U Kingfisher on the right. Soon, the squadron would be at war. Very few of the men pictured will avoid death or capture in the coming weeks and months.

2 thoughts on “VP-101, Philippines, 1941

  1. February 2020. The VP 101 photos at Olongapo, PI in late 1941 is a fantastic shot and I’d like to publish the OS2U pic in my book about Patrol Wing TEN. Please let me have the originator’s data or your permission to print. Give me an email address and I’ll send you a portion of the book. Thanks in advance from a fellow enthusiast of the early war period, and keep up the good work…. Lou


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