Shaw AFB, 1955 (3)

RB-57’s and RB-26’s of the 363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing bask in the South Carolina sunshine. With their black paint jobs, the interior of these aircraft must have been hotter than an atomic sauna.

PS. Whatever 1950’s chemical is in those green barrels killing the grass beneath would probably drop a man dead with one sip. (2)

More RB-57’s. The hangar under construction is still in use today. (4)

C-119’s and RB-26’s. (1)

More C-119’s and RB-57’s with a couple of RT-33’s in the distance. Constructed in 1941, Shaw was slowly modernizing in the 1950’s but there are still plenty of WWII buildings in the background. (5)

F-86s arriving at Shaw on a cross-country hop from Alexandria AFB, LA. Renamed later that year as England AFB, it was, in 1955, home to the 366th Fighter Bomber Wing and their Sabres.

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