Lightning Strikes: F-5’s & P-38’s (8)

F-5 42-13095 of the 12th Photo Recon Squadron zooms in for landing at its base in Italy. This aircraft carried three names: “Shark” on the nose. “Louise” on the left engine nacelle, “Vera” on the right. (6) (7)

Two shots of “Anna” landing in Italy. Note the local civilian onlookers. (9)

F-5 “Hoppy” flares for landing. (1) (4)

F-5F 44-26045 was transferred to the Chinese Air Force. The same thing happened to the B-24 in the background, 44-42270. Perhaps all of the aircraft pictured were similarly transferred (?)

P-38J 44-25605 was modified to a personal transport for General George Stratemeyer. Perched in the Plexiglas nose, he had the best seat in the house. (5) (2) (3)

Early P-38’s. Marvelous aircraft.

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