B-47 Stratojets in Phoenix


I do not know what the occasion was, but these bombers are not what one typically finds crowding your city airport (there are at least a dozen B-47’s), in this case, Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. Judging by the vehicles at the Avis Rent-A-Car, I would say this slide photo dates from circa 1954. There is a 1962 date stamped in the slide, but I think that is when a copy was made. My evidence: the B-47’s in 1962 wore different markings, and, the rental cars are all early to mid-1950s vintage – a company like Avis would have much newer cars on the lot way before 1962.

One thought on “B-47 Stratojets in Phoenix

  1. Probably a “REFLEX” exercise when SAC would deploy their assets to various outlying plan per the EWO ( Emergency War Order ). This was to avoid our aircraft being caught on the ground and destroyed by a first-strike from the Soviet Union.


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