26th Fighter Interceptor Squadron


From Clark Air Base in the 1950s Philippines, comes one of the more odd-looking patches in my collection. A Viking perhaps? Some forgotten cartoon character? Whatever the case, the squadron went out of the interceptor business in 1959 so it’s likely the inspiration for this patch will remain a mystery. BTW: They were fixing cameras on F-86’s.

8 thoughts on “26th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

  1. Hello Jivebombers,
    Barry Stein here. I’d like permission to use the photo of the 26th Fighter-Interceptor Sqn patch in a new edition of my book on patches of the US Armed Forces. If you agree, please advise the name you would like to present for attribution and thanks in advance for your consideration of this request.


  2. Am I glad I found this site! Years ago I found a great story on the Internet titled, “For The Love of Flying,” a story about a mission in an F-86D at night during a Thunderstorm. The author was in the 26th FIS back in the 50’s and I emailed him. We had a brief conversation and then I forgot about the story. I found it today, but the copy doesn’t have the authors name. Can you help? I can’t find it on Google anymore and it needs to be published somewhere for all to read.


  3. My father was a 1st Lt fighter pilot stationed at Clark AFB in 1959. He has a print (I think it’s a print) of a tiger riding a brown and white paint mustang,above the tiger it say 26th FIS and across the bottom it says 1st Lt Marsburn Phillipines 1959 framed in it’s original Phillipino bamboo to me it is PRICELESS I was six months old when we moved to Clark and three when we cam back to the States.


  4. I was a mechanic in the 26th from Jan 56 to July 57 . The tiger riding a horse was the insignia. We also had tiger teeth painted on our 86 DS .
    We were rated a topnotch squadron.


    1. Always good to hear from someone who has a personal connection with the unit in question. I am familiar with the patch design (I have been looking a long time for a 26th FIS patch!) so the one I posted was definitely an unofficial one cooked up by the guys in the photo shop. If you have any photos of the 26th FIS aircraft you would like to share, by all means let me know. They will be posted here with full credit to yourself.


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