New category: Italian Aircraft. We’ll start with some classics from Savoia Marchetti (6) (10)Two views of an S.55 of Alaska Airways on Seattle’s Lake Union. As an aside, the house I grew up in is visible on Queen Anne Hill in the background. The houseboats in the background though were inhabited by people my grandmother politely referred to as “no-good bums.” (9) (5) (4)Same aircraft, different water. This is Golden Gardens beach in Seattle, and I can think of no reason whatsoever for the aircraft to sit upon that beach unless there was a maintenance issue. There are mechanics atop the wing, so this S.55 probably ran into trouble shortly after taking off from nearby Lake Union (See photos 1 & 2). Made a nice shady spot for beach goers (8) (7) (3)S.56 on Lake Union. This aircraft survives today at a museum in North (2) (1)SM.79 bomber gets ready for a hop by US personnel. For reasons apparent, the 79 was nicknamed “il gobbo maledetto” (“damned hunchback”) airliner – the transport version of the SM.78 bomber. 


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