2 thoughts on “The B-19 buzzing Long Beach in 1941

  1. Wow, your collection of photos is amazing.

    Who are you and how did you come by your treasure trove? Maybe I missed something on your website but I couldn’t find any background info.

    I was surprised to see that you had a photo of the one-and-only Douglas YOA-5 afloat. Pictures of that plane are rare. I recently stumbled across another photo of it (mislabelled as its sister design, the XP3D-1) in the digitized Rudy Arnold Photo Collection that can be viewed in the Smithsonian Online Virtual Archives. That collection has some great high resolution photos.

    I don’t suppose you have any photos of another obscurity – the Vance Flying Wing of 1932-34. It is one of my many aviation history obsessions.

    Many thanks for sharing



    1. Eric,
      Thank you for the good words! I do try to post what others might hopefully find interesting.
      I have collected aviation photos for decades, and in those years I have been fortunate to acquire images that can be considered scarce. The photos here are, 99% of the time, an original physical photo – not from the internet. Some of my photos are certainly not unique to my collection, but they are original period photographs and not something I borrowed from the internet.

      I have filed cabinets packed with goodies that I look forward to sharing with my fellow enthusiasts, and I am glad to welcome you as one.
      PS. I will search my archives for the Vance Flying Wing.


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