Vivian Gersema, US Air Force Nurse Corps, 1953 (4)

Captain Vivian M. Gersema at Offutt AFB with her flying hospital, a C-54. 44-9077 was dubbed an “MC-54M” due to its medical role. Gersema started her military service as a flight nurse in WWII. She eventually attained the rank of colonel. (5) (1)

Having flown a medevac missions myself, there is always room for flight nurses in the cockpit. (2)

Civilian nurses are briefed on the finer points of aeromedical care. (3)


2 thoughts on “Vivian Gersema, US Air Force Nurse Corps, 1953

  1. Candace,

    The photos are just a few of the items from a scrapbook assembled by Col. Gersama during her long career. The majority of those items are non-aviation related and therefore did not really fit the criteria for my website.



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