O-1 Falcons of the 5th Observation Squadron

Webp.net-resizeimage (9)

September 1932, Mitchel Field. One was taking off, the other landing. The result: an eventful take-off, and an eventful landing.

img118 (2)

Close-up of the insignia of the 5th Observation Squadron.


But wait – there is more to the story. The above photos are near & dear to me because a piece of an O-1 of the 5th Observation adorns my wall. Scrawled on it: “Fifth Observation Squadron, U.S.A. Crack-up at Trumbull Field, Groton Conn., August 21, 1931.” Research reveals that Lt. Elmer Tapley was the pilot and that he crashed on landing (but he walked away).

Given the time frame, the insignia seen on the mishap aircraft and on my wall were probably painted by the same man.

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