P-6 pilots of the 2nd Wing, Langley Field

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Byron Q Jones, center, acquired his wings in 1914 and was one of the early birdmen in the Aeronautical Division, U.S. Signal Corps. Saw service chasing Pancho Villa, won the MacKay Trophy, and was also the first army pilot to perform a loop (and live to tell about it). All of these men went on to important assignments – Nugent and Longfellow attaining general’s stars.

2 thoughts on “P-6 pilots of the 2nd Wing, Langley Field

  1. Maj. Jones was CO of the 8th Pursuit Group of the 2d Wing from 1932-’34. He then assumed command of the 2d Wing itself in November, 1934. By mid 1935 the wing had been placed under GHQ Air Force. Passed over for the now required one star generalcy for a wing CO, Jones was reassigned to the Army War College.

    The 2d Wing insignia of a white dragon on a blue surround dates the photo to Jones’ tour of command and suggests these were his HQ staff.


    1. Thank you for that information. I have read where Jones’s dismissive views of an independent air force conflicted with those held by his superiors. Given their advocacy for such an independent air force, it is little wonder Jones found himself passed over. Coming from one of the pioneers of military aviation, Jones’s beliefs must have sounded like heresy to men like Foulois, Andrews, and Arnold.


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