336th Fighter Interceptor Squadron patch, Kimpo Air Base Korea…with an interesting tale (Hint: keep reading).


Jim Van Scyoc (pronounced “sock”) was to achieve unsought notoriety when, in 1961, while flying F-100’s in the New Mexico Air Guard, he accidently shot down a B-52 while on a practice intercept. That tragic story is all over the internet, and Van Scyoc was not to blame; an electronic glitch was the culprit. Given the circumstances, it is unfortunate that this aerial “victory” represents the only air-to-air “kill” for an F-100. Suchlike, that has been the only B-52 air-to-air shootdown. In Vietnam, it was all SAM’s.

The 336th patch dates from earlier days when Van Scyoc flew F-86’s in Korea. Names on patches was all the rage then and it’s always nice to connect a name with a patch. There are even patches out there with the names of pilots who shot down MiGs, (which is nice) but I always say there’s only one man who has shot down a B-52, and here is his patch.

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