B-29 undergoes maintenance at MacDill AFB, Fla. in the late 1940’s.


“Hangar No. 2” is still in use today. For the sake of accuracy though, and for those who say “hey, I work in that hangar!”, the “Hangar 2” in this photo is no longer “No. 2”.  When I arrived at MacDill in 1978, the hangars looked exactly like the one seen here. Same lettering, everything. Very classy.  But after I departed in 1980, the USAF said “get out the brown & tan and paint everything not moving.” They also re-numbered the hangars: The former #2 (as seen here) is now Hangar 4.

Oh, and the reason they renumbered them is that as one walked down the flightline back in the old days, the hangar numbers were not sequential, i.e., they went 5,3,1,2,4. I admit that the renumbering is less confusing.

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