Life with “Willy Victor” (15) (12) (14) (13)

The Lockheed WV (later the EC-121) flew the Pacific Barrier missions during the Cold War. Operating from places such as the Midway Islands, the Lockheed WV (Willy Victor) crews flew long missions over the north and central Pacific.  Plenty of good info at sites such as  Photos here show:

1. Pilots at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii.

2. Willy Victor raft and survival gear. Despite the humor (“Royal Hawaiian”, as in the fancy hotel on Waikiki), the Pacific Barrier flights consisted of endless hours flown over endless seas. This raft and related equipment seen here were not to be taken for granted.

3. Barbers Point with plenty of WV’s to gawk at.

4. Lower radome of a WV after taking out a goony bird at Midway.  Having flown in and out of Midway a time or two myself, I can attest that bird strikes there are a common occurrence.

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