For those in peril on the sea (or a local lake) (34)

Survival training in the late 1940s. Here is the scenario: this crew of a “downed” PBY Catalina are no doubt “miles behind enemy lines” and their only hope of salvation is the timely arrival of a rescue aircraft. Naturally, they utilize every trick in the survival kit to attract rescuers. (32)

Luckily for them, an eagle-eyed PBY pilot from their own squadron has them in sight. (31)

Swooping in just when all hope was lost… (33)

It was a close call, but help has arrived – and no doubt just in time for lunch.

So, this training was accomplished on Lake Washington, a body of water upon whose littoral there was once NAS Seattle (both the men in the raft and those in the PBY are, of course, from said air station.) A lot has changed since then: the naval base is no more, and the forested slopes along the lake are crammed with houses.

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