Desert Storm Weasel F-4G (10)

69-7234, lately of Spangdahlem Air Base’s 480th TFS, is seen here at Shaikh Isa Air Base, Bahrain during the Gulf War of 1991.  While assigned there, the aircraft was part of the 3552nd Tactical Fighter Squadron.  Interestingly, 234 was the only aircraft at that base that still retained the old green & gray “European 1” paint scheme.

One thought on “Desert Storm Weasel F-4G  

  1. I remember that jet… it was nicknamed “Christine” by the Crew Chiefs. It did what it wanted when it wanted; like the care in the Stephen King movie. Rudy, SSgt. Operation Desert Storm, 3552 TFW (P) Jan-July 91 AMMO!


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