2 thoughts on “Fledgling birdmen and their PT-13’s

  1. The wheel steps and caltrop in front of the left tire of the first aircraft are strange. The other aircraft have more traditional wheel chocks. We used a similar step on the C-180 for skydiving. That would have been a real adventure from the PT-13.

    Also notable are the vertical cowling air scoops instead of the traditional, forward-facing, periscope style scoop. Never saw anything like this on a Stearman. Then there is the seat cushion in number 37’s front cockpit and lack of parachutes on the trainees. Again, very unusual for military training. The seat cushion says this aircraft was not used for skydiving.


    1. Sharp eyes! That first aircraft (#37) does have unusual elements unseen on the other aircraft. I did a quick search through my files and found no other PT-13 with those wheel steps. With the seat cushion & such, I wonder if that aircraft had some special function? Thanks for the insights.


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