Earning your flight pay, 1960


Departing from Otis AFB in Massachusetts, an intrepid crew in a C-119 flew a cargo of Air Force flight nurses to Key West in 1960.


We’re going to Florida! The uniform on the right was worn by the nurses while performing their inflight duties…


…or you could wear a flightsuit. (Don’t forget the purse)


Driving the C-119


“Looks like Florida to me…”Summerland Key

On final to NAS Key West. Thanks to google earth, I can state that this is Summerland Key…

Cudjoe Key

…and this is Cudjoe Key


Key West at last. Another tough mission hacked.


Now that they’ve made it, fishin’ is the mission. And, anyone who has been to Key West in the last 40 years will stare in amazement at the quiet highway.


“Charcoal Broiled Steaks” – I checked: this joint is long gone. Too bad, it looks good.

Little Pine Key

Having caught all the fish, and eaten “Charcoal Broiled Steaks“, it’s time to take the gals back north. Passing Little Pine Key.

BTW: I spent an hour on google earth staring at the Keys of Florida to figure out which was where. Using the C-119’s altitude helped narrow it down. This photo is a good example. Climbing in the hot sun in a heavy C-119, they couldn’t be too far from Key West. Bingo: Little Pine Key.

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