Neyen’s Schraubenflieger

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Emil Neyen’s “Schraubenflieger” was by far one of the crazier looking contraptions devised by mortal man. Despite the machine’s awkward design, prospective passengers are assured they may travel “ohne sturzgefahr!” (without risk of crashing).

“Neyen’s Schraubenflieger” – needless to say – never got off the ground, literally, and figuratively (the design was politely described in a 1910 Polytechnisches Journal article as “problematic”). The purpose of this brochure is to drum up investors; interested gentlemen need inquire only if they bring in more than 25,000 Reichmarks per annum. This is an original brochure – I can’t find much else regarding this venture. 

I am grateful to Felix Wander of the Deutsches Museum for providing additional information on this “flying” machine.

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