2 thoughts on “P-26, 19th Pursuit Squadron

  1. Assigned to a p-26 pursuit squadron at Wheeler Field. Think about what life would have been like, larking ~ I mean ~ patrolling around Hawaii in an open cockpit P-26. How I long for those bygone days before standardized checklists.

    This is the most incredible and unusual collection of early military/army aviation photos I have ever encountered in a lifetime of looking at photos of this nature. I am amazed at how many of these photos have never been previously published.

    Your extensive knowledge of the subject matter is quite evident. Obviously, you are an aviation aficionado of a time when flying was more than learning than an endless litany of procedures. Know that your efforts here are much appreciated.

    How we did weight and balance calculations in Alaska – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NMF-nqgwx4&t=46s

    “The fun and games are over, Waldo. You guys been scarin’ the hell out of people for too long. Flying is getting to be big business, and people gotta figure it’s safe.”

    “Gee, do you think if I study real hard, Newt, I might pass? Are you gonna license the clouds and the rain? You gonna put highways in the sky for people to follow?”

    “Yep. All that, too. Along with airlines and airmail, and there’s gonna be big money in it too, if you’re smart.”

    “Well, I’m no chauffeur, and I’m no mailman. I’m a flyer, Newt.”

    “I’m afraid not anymore, Waldo.”

    Not anymore.


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