6 thoughts on “460th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

  1. I’m trying to track-down info to add to a photo posted by the SDASM San Diego Air & Space Museum, as I’ve done before. They appreciate any details. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sdasmarchives/50611071271/in/faves-52546776@N05/. I’ve made comments below the photo. I can’t find anything on the markings on the side of the F-102 Delta Dagger, i.e. “U.S. Air Force FC-117”. I did find (via joebaugher.com) the adjacent aircraft (tail # 61054) was converted to a target drone PCM-102A. In searching F-102 squadron patches only the 194th fighter squadron patch looks (somewhat) similar. Any details are appreciated, here or even comment on the SDASM photo linked above.


    1. Thank you for visiting my website! Here are some answers to your questions: The men are wearing the patch of the 4781st Combat Crew Training Squadron and were therefore based at Perrin AFB, Tx. Both F-102s were assigned to that base and belonged to the 4780th Air Defense Wing which was under the 73rd Air Division whose emblem is seen on the tail. The 4780th was part of the 73rd Air Division from 1962-66. This timeline is validated by the photo: the F-102 in the background (56-1054) lacks the “0” prefix in its tail number which would have been added in 1966 when the aircraft became ten years old. So, early to mid-60s photo.

      William Stein


      1. I couldn’t have asked for more! I’ll share this in a comment with the SDASM photo including your name and website, William. This is also a learning experience for me. I’m nearly 75, and tend to forget my steps after awhile, so the timely reply is icing on the cake! Much-appreciated!


  2. This photo of the 460th was taken at Portland AFB. Front and center with the trophy is my father. Trying to find a source for info on the base during the years of his command, circa 1958-1960. Any ideas?


    1. Always great to hear from someone who has a personal connection to someone seen on my website. The former Portland AFB is now controlled by the Oregon Air National Guard and their historian or public affairs office might be the source you seek.
      Your father was commander of the 460th?
      Will Stein


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